MarketingHelp! Newsletter

One of the criteria for selecting the right marketing consultant is their strategic approach. At MarketingHelp!we use the following proven strategic process for providing high quality and successful marketing strategies, programs, and new products for our clients.

Don't let key data go stale (i.e. category and brand). Translate "what's" (behavior) into "why's" (attitudes). Profile your ideal customer!

Branding (short, memorable and somewhat descriptive) and positioning (who you are, what you do and why would someone want them to do it to you) drives every element of the marketing plan.

Differentiation is why should your ideal customer buy from you instead of the guy down the street. This differentiation may be in the form of product, place, price, promotion or people.
  • Product Differentiation may be offering greater performance benefits or aesthetics than your competitors.
  • Place Differentiation may be making the product more readily available through new locations or with longer hours of operation.
  • Price Differentiation may be offering innovative ways to pay you, such as subsidized interest rates or barter.
  • Promotion Differentiation may be utilizing breakthrough advertising to make you stand out in the mind of your target audience.
  • People Differentiation may be using "empowering" customer service reps better than competition so the customer is wowed.

You can't be all things to all people. Follow your business development system of prospect generation, sales conversion and customer fulfillment faithfully.

Your core business pays a lot of bills. It should always be the TOP priority.

Capitalize on strategic opportunities and resist short-term income pressures.

Every action (program) should attempt to resolve an issue.

Leadership breeds leverage and competitive advantages.

You should have major news each year and a major restage every third year.