New Product Development

A viable strategy for profitable growth and diversification is developing and launching new products. New Products can utilize excess capacity and provide incremental sales/profits to your existing business base.

Do you have enough New Product Ideas?

Do you need to Reduce the Development Time from concept to commercialization?

Are your new products Economically Feasible?

Should you create a Power Brand?

Is Licensing a viable strategy for your business?

MarketingHelp! can identify your customers unsatisfied needs or wants, identify your strategic opportunity areas, develop new product concepts that fit your business and help you prepare the new product for introduction. Once your new product is market ready, we can help launch it.



"We have worked with Blair Entenmann since 1989 on a number of new product projects. We've found him to be very insightful, creative, and profit-oriented in the entrepreneurial creation process. He's truely a marketing guru!"

Dori Molitor, President
Waters Molitor, Inc.

MarketingHelp!assisted us in evaluating a potential new venture in an unknown market to us. Their new venture feasibility study resulted in our putting this project on hold, because it wouldn¹t create superior profit margins to our core business to offset the higher Risk. We are very happy with the work they did for us.

Peter Malecha, President
Custom Food Processors, Inc.

MarketingHelp!added outstanding value to our development of an innovative new acrylic pool cue product in the areas of brand positioning, product differentiation, and pricing. They helped us launch our pool cue product line at a critical industry buying show by getting our sales materials and trade show booth ready on a tight timetable. They did a great job!

Galen Golz, President
Gionni Pool Cues