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At MarketingHelp! we believe in the old saying, give someone a fish, and they can eat for a day, teach them to fish and they can eat forever. We teach our clients how to fish, not just hand them a fish. Here are some articles we have published in trade journals, newsletters and various publications over the years.

The Marketing Audit. When was the last time you ... 1) updated your business or marketing plan?; 2) checked out your competition?; 3) got customer and/or prospect feedback on your products, services, or staff?; 4) reviewed your advertising or marketing materials?; 5) introduced a new product or service?; 6) reviewed your pricing? Up-to-date marketing can help you achieve profitable growth in any economic or industry environment.....[click to read article]

Strategic Planning a Must for Every Business Strategic Planning can help you compete in your marketplace, improve your profitability and provide a framework to make fact-based decisions. Here are a number of simple truths to enhance your strategic planning......[click to read article]

Business Portfolio Management Every business experiences two kinds of risk -- business and financial. Both kinds of risk can be planned and managed. To manage your business portfolio for optimal profitability, you should have two or three profit centers that are diversified and counter seasonal. To properly create, nurture, and run these profit centers, you need to have a deep understanding of your customer, your competition, and your company.....[click to read article]

The Benefits of Branding Your Product or Service Brands are so numerous and common- place today that we are inclined to take their significance for granted. A good brand name can make a big difference in your success. Your brand name may be the single most important decision you can make about your company, product or service name. Branding is advantageous because it ...[click to read article]

Differentiate Your Product or Service There are two basic types of marketing strategies: market segmentation and marketing mix differentiation. Both of these strategies should be pursued to maximize your success. Market Segmentation is the process of identifying your ideal customer(s) and developing a unique marketing mix to satisfy their wants and needs. Marketing Mix Differentiation is the process of making your marketing mix uniquely different from other products or services competing for the same target audience. This differentiation may be in any of The 5 P's of Marketing (product, place, price, promotion, people).....[click to read article]

Generating Prospects and Customers with Promotion Strategy Promotion can be defined as any method that communicates to the target market about the right product to be sold in the right place at the right price. What the marketing manager communicates is basically determined when the target customers' needs and preferences are known. How the information is communicated in order to obtain action -- a purchase -- depends on a number of factors.....[click to read article]

What Kind of Advertising Is Right For You? Every business, regardless of industry or maturity should advertise their products and services. The issues are 1) how much should you spend on advertising given your industry's competitive environment, target audience, and cost structure?, and 2) what is the best form of advertising to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness for your specific business. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of some common media are....[click to read article]

The Principles of Targeted Direct Mail Advertising Advertising does work. It not only creates a better, more productive selling environment, but properly done, can generate inquiries and sales! If you can identify your ideal customer, you should use targeted direct mail. The objective for direct mail is Open Me, Read Me, Call Me Today! The following principles can make your direct mail more productive and deliver exceptional results.....[click to read article]

Promotional Products Work! Promotional products have historically been the black sheep of promotion strategies. They've been called "toys for the boys", "trinkets & trash", and "junk". But properly planned and executed, promotional products are a valuable marketing tool. They are great as reminder advertising to reinforce your name or message....[click to read article]

Be a Farmer, Not a Hunter When Networking In a business climate like today where decision makers want to buy, not be sold, you need to be a farmer, not a hunter. This means taking a low- pressure, highly visible approach at networking opportunities, not a hit- and- run sprint around the room with business cards. Here are some tips to make your networking more effective at business expos, trade shows, or professional or industry organization events....[click to read article]

Pricing Is The Hardest Marketing Decision A marketer needs a sound strategy and the appropriate tactics to make better pricing decisions. Most companies establish a price for their products or services that enables them to meet competition (sales-oriented pricing) or to achieve certain profit objectives (profit-oriented pricing). In doing so, however, few take full account of five critical factors that should be considered when making strategic pricing decisions....[click to read article]

Pricing Strategies and Generalizations Many entrepreneurs and business executives have asked the following question . should we be a price leader or follower? Or when launching new businesses or products they also ask themselves . what should our introductory price be? If you are launching a new product or entering a new distribution channel, there are two basic pricing strategies you can follow -- a skimming pricing or penetration pricing policy. The answer is "it depends on" ...[click to read article]

How to Outsource All or Part of Your Marketing During the top and bottom of an economic cycle or a high-growth phase of a company, many managers don't have the internal marketing expertise or people resources to accomplish critical business objectives. In a contraction mode, they are trying to get more done with less - to reduce costs. Outsourcing some or all of your marketing can be a cost effective and flexible solution. Three basic ways exist to outsource marketing......[click to read article]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Agency There is a saying in the advertising and marketing agency world that the work is as good as the client. Having worked on both sides of the desk (on the client and agency side of the business), I believe this is true. Most clients accept this concept of mutual responsibility. To keep your outside marketing resources properly motivated and stimulated to do their best work, we offer the following suggestions.....[click to read article]