<I>MarketingHelp! Newsletter</I>

MarketingHelp! can put together a team of high quality resources that we know and trust to help accomplish a client's marketing objectives. For cost effective implementation of marketing strategies and plans, MarketingHelp! has strategic alliances with:

   Focus Group Moderators

   Quantitative Researchers


   Graphic Designers

   Advertising Layout Designers

   Packaging Designers

   Printing Companies

   Television / Radio Commercial Producers

   Broadcast / Print Media Buyers

   Direct Mail Houses

   Promotion Fulfillment Houses

   Sales / Industrial Video Producers

   Sales Trainers and Consultants

   Operations Consultants

   Human Resource Consultants

   Managerial Cost Accounting Consultants


   Commercial Lenders and Capital Sources

And just about any other resource you need
for profitable growth!