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MarketingHelp! President Blair Entenmann is available for speaking engagements on a variety of marketing topics for your employees, customers, or trade associations. A dynamic and informative speaker, he has been a public speaker to groups from 10 to 3,000 people for over 25 years. Listen and learn from the Marketing Buffet™ on how to create profitable growth through new marketing strategies and new products presentations by Blair Entenmann

Speaking Topics

Speaker's Bio


The following presentations are available in 60- and to 120-minute lengths at basic or advanced skill levels appropriate for the audience.

Strategic Market Planning.
Learn about branding, target audience selection, segmentation, and differentiation, the five P's of Marketing (product, place, price, promotion & people), and business development systems.

How to Write a Successful Business or Marketing Plan.
Learn the different approaches to creating your roadmap to success, the outline of a clear and concise format and how to use your plan as a dynamic business tool.

Increasing Sales and Profits Through Marketing.
Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the numerous advertising and promotion marketing tools that are available to grow your business.

Successful New Product Development.
Learn how to create new products from idea generation to launch ready status using a proven methodology. Discover the common characteristics of successful new products.

Relentless Competitive Strategy.
You can't create and execute your business plan in a vacuum. Learn techniques to help you analyze your competition and develop a winning competitive strategy that will increase your market share.

The Marketing Audit.
Learn how to analyze your current marketing tools for what's working and what isn't . Plus how to track and measure your marketing performance to make better fact based decisions on your marketing spending.

Other marketing topics can be custom created for your firm or organization.
Contact us by e-mail or phone for date availablity and fee schedule.


Comments From The Audience


"Wow! Blair made me realize how far we have to go to really take advantage of what marketing has to offer. He really understands the consumer."

A Best of Banking Conference Attendee

"Outstanding! Blair convinced me about the importance of having a plan and gave me the tools I need to put it together."

A Twin West Chamber Roundtable Attendee

"Informative! I came away with a number of great promotional ideas that I can apply to my Bar & Grill right away. Blair's smart and creative."

A MN Beverage Association Conference Attendee

"Eye opening! I've always relied on referrals for new business. They're a lot of affordable marketing tools that I could have used to be successful in my practice."

An Independent Consultant Group Luncheon Attendee

"High energy! Blair presented lots of great information with his food for thought approach. He creatively informs, entertains, and persuades."

A Bloomington Business Expo Attendee

"Thought Provoking! Blair makes you focus on the critical success factors for your business and on getting results for your marketing investment."

An Arctic Cat Top 50 Dealers Meeting Attendee


About Blair Entenmann
Blair Entenmann, founder & President of MarketingHelp! has over 30 years of hands on sales and marketing experience with a focus on business/new venture development. He founded MarketingHelp! in 1994 after a successful 15 year corporate marketing career to help create profitable growth for small- and medium-sized companies by providing marketing expertise in the areas of marketing strategy, marketing/sales programs, and new product development. His clients are primarily consumer based manufacturers, resellers, and service companies.

He has marketed products and services to kids, families, adults, senior citizens, low income, middle income, and upper income target audiences. Working with great marketing companies such as Coachmen RV Company, Ralston Purina, ConAgra Frozen Foods, Rent-A-Center, NordicTrack, and with MarketingHelp! clients since 1994, he has

1) Developed and executed over 350 business or marketing plans.

2) Developed and implemented over 1200 marketing/sales programs.

3) Developed and introduced over 100 new products.

4) Successfully negotiated over 20 licensing contracts.

Mr. Entenmann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with highest honors from Ferris State University in Michigan, and an MBA degree in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies with highest honors from Indiana University. While attending Indiana University's MBA program, he taught Introduction to Marketing.